Barco and High End Systems Fuel Excitement in Drake’s Summer Sixteen Tour with Lighting and Projection

Barco and High End Systems are providing their AV solutions to help create a mind-blowing visual spectacular for rap artist and songwriter Drake’s current North concert tour. The company is part of team led by lighting designer Guy Pavelo and tour director Steve Kidd of GP-SK Design & Production. (Light & Sound America)

Barco & High End Systems fuel excitement in Drake’s ‘Summer Sixteen’ tour with innovative lighting and projection

Guy Pavelo: “When Steve and I first saw the MMS on top of the 30K projector, we thought it looked fantastic. It’s providing a plethora of stunning, previously unachievable laser effects on Drake. Initially, we planned to use the system to highlight a couple of numbers, but decided to make it a core element of the show due to its versatility and incredible effects-generating capabilities. We were able to push it even further with the integrated media server function, manipulating aspects independently on different layers of the same content, for an even bigger bonus…” (Barco, a global technology company)

Barco & High End Systems fuel excitement in Drakes Summer Sixteen tour

Led by world-renowned Lighting Designer Guy Pavelo and Tour Director Steve Kidd of GP-SK Design & Production, the Drake “Summer Sixteen” tour represents a massive undertaking in audiovisual theatrics. The artist came to the table with some highly imaginative show elements in mind, requiring a mammoth production effort: an expansive stage and set design, an 86’ curved video wall, and a Kinetic system comprising hundreds of custom LED spheres.” (Pressreleasepoint)

Concert review: Drake and Future enlist Gucci Mane for special Atlanta show

This live production is truly sensational…the massive stage looked like the Death Star hangar, with banks of lights, ramps and a gorgeous curved screen running the length of the stage. The visual gem of the show, though, is the blanket of lighted globes obscuring the arena ceiling. They’re a cool enough effect when stationary, but when Drake burst into “Hotline Bling,” it was almost impossible to watch him reproduce the silly dance moves from the song’s video because of the attention-grabbing globes, which began see-sawing in the air. (Review of the Atlanta, GA show by Melissa Ruggieri)

Drake, Future contrasting collaborators in Garden extravaganza

The purple bulbs had been hovering over the TD Garden crowd all night, but no one noticed until Drake reached for one. All the hits he’d run through up to that point — from the tone-setting “Summer Sixteen” to the mission statement “Started from the Bottom” — were just the set-up. On cue, the light lowered hypnotically from the scaffolding, as if directed by Steven Spielberg. (By Julian Benbow for  Boston Globe)

Drake review – awe-inspiring, absurd and affirmative

Drake has hundreds of luminescent globes to keep him company. Roughly the size of the large balloons that Bill Clinton lobbed around during the DNC, they descend on wires above arena’s floor during Hotline Bling, bobbing up and down as Drake does his meme-friendly dad dancing. Later, they undulate like waves, form symbols (a 6 and a question mark), and glow like a canopy of stars.” (Review by Mike Doherty in The Gardian)

Live Review: Drake and Future’s Summer Sixteen Tour Launch in Austin

Whoever designed that shit deserves an award – it was on par and more extraordinary in spots than Beyoncé’s mind-blowing Formation World Tour setup or anything Kanye has ever done. Drake deserves equal creds for surrounding himself with such first-rate conceptualizers…” (Live Review: Drake and Future’s Summer Sixteen Tour Launch in Austin by David HallConsequence of Sound)

He said, she said: One dance and two hours with Drake in Austin

Best use of vertical space I’ve ever seen at a concert. Truly spectacular. Over a hundred of those balls shifting colors while they floated up and down, at some points hovering just five feet or so over the crowd transformed one of the least aesthetically appealing music venues in the city into a fantastical dreamscape. Who knew that spheres could do so many things? First they were undulating pink bubblegum, then they were blue ocean waves and then they were a golden prom stage… (By Deborah Sengupta Stith and Eric Webb Austin360)